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Pragya Sharma


Pragya Sharma, a 23 year old, Architect, blog writer and an obsessive-compulsive-reader, has always been high on words and intrigued by the world of fashion. The laid-back word-aholic considers herself the very first transformation project by Silaai. Fresh to the world of style, she’s in love with the details and set to introduce the trends that Silaai generates, to the world.
Ever so excited about the beginning, she beams at the idea of bringing the old-world-charm into the new up-beat fashion world.

She tells, “Silaai, was introduced to me as a spark in the eye of this young and dynamic lady who I consider as my mother of happiness- Kritika. The designs, so beautiful and elegant with the endeavour to bring traditional Indian, faultless-quality outfits to the online shopping platform and the trends from the era bygone to the modern sensibilities just got me going.

Every piece of nostalgia, every beautiful detail of the seasoned styles from the past feels like a philosophy waiting to be recalled. And Silaai is set to transform the style of Online Indian traditional fashion. Channelling Queens in a new-age of fashion.”

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