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The Teej story- ‘Seams’ like Silaai.

This Hariyali Teej, our moms just lectured us well about how beautiful and important it used to be when they were young! The bangles and bindis… The fest and frolicks… The Mehndi and festivities… And how much they miss it on us! 

So this year, we decided to give it a roll. Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal and even, Nepal, all coloured in a beautiful green, dampened by the soothing showers of Saavan, fragrant by Marigold flowers, this day calls out to the ladies to celebrate the feminism, the sensuality and the romance. The excitement heightens with unending row of shopping and feasting. 

But you see ladies, lately, how we have shied from such a beautiful festival, just because we thought we’re just too cool for it!? The feminists, the women of today, my girls from the 90s, we celebrate how capable, strong and independent we’ve become. The sophistication, the Resting-Bitch-Faces, the chins-up, this day is to let our guards down, sit back and chill the f-up! We deserve a break from the hustle! 

So, we decided that we’re bringing Teej back with Silaai!

The regal blue Heritage dress looks just so glorious to make you feel like the star of the events and still feel so comfortable to enjoy every bit of the day with zero cares. 

The beautiful, gold, Matka motif is just what makes it look so royal, it’s just the right pick for you. The Quintessential Indian! 

And if you just wanna let your hair down and be the care-free, modern, little babe that you are then the black, velvet, off-shoulder, crop-top paired with the blue Heritage Skirt is all you’re going to need. The flamboyant Fusion for the flawless. 

The little bit of polish and sparkle, motifs of Mehndi and Voilà !! There you go, Girl! Bring you Teej back. Let all the eyes be on you and never leave!