Kritika Sharma


Kritika Sharma, a 22 years-old, fashion-enthusiast, an upcoming fashion-blogger and a social-media-sweetheart; she’s winning hearts all-over Instagram with her up-beat sense of fashion and vivacious personality! A self-established entrepreneur at such a young age, as creative as her name and with an unstoppable spirit to channel the inner Queens of her fellow ladies into a new age of style, she’s here with her love-child with fashion –‘Silaai’.

Her ambition seaps and shines through her words and ideas…

“Even through my teens, I had an affinity towards the old-world-charm of the heavily embellished and exquisitely graceful outfits worn by the legendary Rekha ji, Madhubala and Meena Kumari. The looks of such regal beauties, I wanted it all for myself. And Indian festivities are just the right time for it, aren’t they!? Every new celebration calls for a very new look, a very unique outfit!

Being head-to-toe soaked in work and a tad bit of laziness, i surfed the net for something that’s just right for me with the Indian, grace and grandeur set into a new style that’s unique, easy to wear and also affordable. (I am not the only one, Am I!?) I was taken aback by the scarcity of such a segment of fashionwear available online and if there are, its a big set of compromises, offered. I couldn’t settle and so shouldn’t you.. and that’s how “Silaai” came to me.

Every Design, every Silaai is an effort to bring to you the glory of the era bygone and the style that’s just so ‘Us’, the women of today. Every outfit is a piece of craftsmanship and quality, that ensures the satisfaction beyond expectations. So, the Queens… Rejoice!”